About Our Group

Group Structure:

Our Group structure as follows:


Overview of our Group:

AIM Solutions Group Berhad (ASGB) operates a multi-diversified ICT entity and are involved in many facets of ICT businesses, with our core in Financial Technologies (FinTech), Intelligent Transportations Systems (ITS) and Systems Engineering. Moving forward and in-line with technological advancements and the need to address changes in industry models, we have adopted Internet of Things (“IoT”) solutions into our core businesses.

Our solutions and offerings serve a wide range of customers, from public sector to private sector, big and small, as our solutions are customizable to any industry. Having many excellent track records and driven by a group of dynamic and professional management team, the group has cemented a solid foundation which gives the group an edge in the industry.

Incorporation and History:

AIM Solutions Group Berhad (ASGB) was incorporated to provide the unprecedented solutions that can disrupt the conventional way of doing day-to-day business. The initial business idea was mooted when the founding directors envision to become a major player in the field of financial technologies in Malaysia.

Since our inception, we have expanded our capabilities and solutions, allowing for digitalization of manual processes, enabling increased accuracy, convenience and security. Our Fintech solutions allow for the delivery of financial services, such as collections management, as well as loan application and disbursement. Leveraging on existing captive mass market with size of millions of consumers, our Fintech solutions which include the digital marketplace offerings has enable us to grow our business and revenues.

Whilst, our ITS, Systems Engineering and IoT solutions being strengthen to offer more comprehensive solutions with tangible values for larger projects and deployment, hence, the company was awarded with multiple size of projects, which some are coveted.

Our 4 pillars solution offerings enable us to grow our business and contribute to increased profitability, as well as strengthening our branding. These solutions are the foundation of our growth-oriented environment to further expand and extend our solution offerings while at the same time remain competitive in the market.