Financial Technologies

Financial Technologies

Re-Drawing the Lines: Fintech's Growing
Influence On Financial Services

Most companies have made solid strides in improving financial performance from short term revenue assurance efforts, but few have made the longer term operational performance improvement changes to sustain these benefits. Embedding financial technology within our core business, ASGB have carved the way into internet economy towards a full fledged FinTech company focusing on electronic payments and ecommerce platform, for us to remain agile and competitive which further underpin ASGB growth strategy.

Products of Financial Technologies (FinTech)

AIM Financial Information System

AIMFIS is the state of the art microcredit solution built based on actual operational process.

A complete back end solution for organization who provides micro credit services. AIMFIS provides organizations with the full suits of applications to manage day to day operation from customers loan applications till settlement, financial system, insurance system, customer relations and other administrative functions. AIMFIS also embeds analytics tool to analyze data for data mining purposes and census reporting.

Cashless Micro Credit Collection System

A solution for fast and efficient payment collection process.

The purpose of cashless payment collection system is to provide a platform of revenue collection that tries to achieve a faster and more efficient payment collection process. Apart from reducing human errors and potential leakages, CMCCS also able to shift and cultivate e-payment mindset to replace cash centric behavior amongst micro credit borrower’s.

It is a nationwide e-payment infrastructure to cater for more than 350,000 borrowers to serve their loan repayments using debit cards. A centralized collection system, equipped with a web portal for management use, operation monitoring and tracking & reporting for each transaction. This project is also as a nursery for developing and spawning payment & business related services using devices such as payment terminals, smart phones and internet based apps.


A multi payment channel solution that enables payment via physical & online payment gateway from anywhere & anytime. ‘Around The Clock, Around The Corner’ Convenience.

AIMS Pay a multi payment channel solution that enables payment via physical & online payment gateway that provides users with all the flexibility for electronic payment and collections. Designed for billers, merchants and users from various sectors and industries to enable multiple platform transactions using credit & debit cards, MyDebit, Direct Debit (FPX) and cash.

Integrated Management System

Integrated Management system is one stop solution for member management, loan management, finance management, human resource management and asset management.

IMS being used to develop a complete end to end solution which entails handling of businesses, assets and cooperative members which may reaches to hundreds of thousands in some cooperative organization.

Intuitive integrated design created to allow a data interface giving access to information from a single advanced system. With IMS, the management systems will work together, with each function aligned behind a single goal, improving the performance of the entire organization.

The performance could be improved as this solution will provides standardization, effective support of processes, reducing sub-optimization, backlogs and maximizing integration and communication between different areas.

Sahabat Bazaar

Sahabat Bazaar is a Digital Marketplace.

Sahabat Bazaar is a Digital Marketplace. It is a unique combination of B2B, B2C, C2C and B2B2C virtual marketplace for any products and services. It leverages on the Micro SME’s businesses ecosystem, thus making it vibrant and exciting. This e-commerce platform will entice and attract other marketplace player for a possible B2B arrangement to then evolving towards a Commercialized Open Marketplace.

Sahabat Bazaar will color and harmonize the cottage industry and SME’s alike in the e-commerce segment. This service will stretch and span deep across the nation.