Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Provision of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Our ITS solutions allow for the improvement of the quality and safety of road and rail transportation. Our range of ITS solutions are a combination of various technologies, which may be integrated into a single system or deployed individually. We ensure the critical functions of our ITS systems are equipped with a mission critical network, to ensure 100% uptime.

Products of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Passenger Information Display System

Passenger Information Display System PIDS is conceived to enhance rail travel experience by providing a wide array of information catering to all walks of transit passengers.

Fully Engineered and Developed in house, ASGB’s Passenger Information System is among the largest deployments in Malaysia with hundreds of panels delivering real-time information to public transport users.

Our system is fully integrated with Public Address System, Railway Signaling system and Synchronized clock system, forms part of a whole Intelligent Transport System.

Our PIDS Solution is extensively customizable to interface with various systems and to various front end designs based on the most comprehensive set of customer needs.

Public Address System

As Part of Intelligent Transport Solution, ASGB has an extensive deployment of Public Address systems in railway and similar Mission Critical environments including KTMB and MRT stations.

Our PAS utilizes the benefits of full IP solution and is deeply integrated with Passenger Information Display System, Advertisement System, Signaling and Train Control Systems, Fire Alarm System, Emergency Boards and other safety and operational facilities in transport environment.

Automatic Fare Collection System

It’s an integrated public transportation ticketing and revenue management system.

It comprises Ticket Vending Machine (TVM), Automatic Control Gates (ACG), Man Operated Cash Registry Machine (POS), connected to Station Computer and regularized at HQ level by Central Systems. It accepts bank notes, and coins in exchange for tokens and smart cards.

ASGB team member’s commands complete knowledge and experience in multiple AFC projects. Our expertise includes system design, machine housing fabrication, and end to end revenue management system. Our reporting system allows customization to the very need of the client's organization.

Smart Parking Management System

Smart Parking Management System (SPMS) meets the requirements of modern buildings owners or operators and public parking managed by local authorities.

A consolidated view of real time parking management operation in a single application to manage people, equipment, inventories, parking spaces, maintenance, enforcements and also revenues. It comes with a single dashboard to simplify the parking management operation with one backend view for improvement, enhancement and optimization utilizing new technology features in managing the magnitude of daily inputs.

SPMS provides both features and functionalities for:

  • Mobility & Time Saving for Public
  •   - Handy & Mobile Applications
      - Fast Parking Finder & Guidance
  • Mobile Parking Payment
  • Flexibility Parking fees (Hourly, Daily, Monthly, VIP)
  • Flexibility & Short Band Feature
  • On Street, Off Street & In Building Parking Lots
  • Mobility & Cost Saving for Enforcement (Monitoring & Compounding)
  • Single Dashboard Management

Data Transmission Network System

The internet backbone may be defined by the principal data routes between large, strategically interconnected computer networks and core routers on the internet.

ASGB is experienced in delivering advanced and complete Backbone Transmission Network BTN solutions, Local Access networks and Public WiFi solutions for various clients.

Our engineers are certified network professionals with ability to deploy and maintain various network architectures for our clients with redundancy, resiliency and high availability features in place carrying up to 40 Gbps IP data throughout the country.