Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineering solutions comprise design, supply, integration, installation, testing and/or maintenance of ICT systems on a turnkey basis. We specialize in a holistic approach to business change and technology innovation. We will understand your unique set of conditions before we design, plan, build and even run the complex system you need to achieve the implementation objectives. Through experience of management and technical expertise combined with deep industry knowledge, we collaborate with your business and technology leadership team to implement the system and application that deliver results to your business. Using our up to date knowledge environment, we leverage the collective knowledge and experience of our employees and business partners, in order to create the most innovative solutions for our clients. At ASGB, we have the scale and expertise to create the complete solutions for your organization. From front-end consulting and planning, to integrating and even managing your technology solutions, we have the experience to respond to your unique challenges and opportunities.

Products of Systems Engineering

ICT Consultation Services

ASGB ICT consultation services can add value to your business by providing strategic, architecture, implementation and integration services to help plan, build, improve and innovate your ICT and business solutions. We provide these services across a range of technologies and delivery models including mobility, cloud, IT outsourcing, network, communication, data center, end user computing, security and sustainability.

We offer strategy, architecture, implementation and integration services covering the major ICT domains and delivery models to help you plan and build innovative solutions and optimize your IT environment.

Our experts will advise you on optimal ways to use technology and services to transform your current ICT environment and achieve higher levels of innovation. We help you to develop a strategic roadmap that aligns your ICT strategy and investments to your business priorities. We also assist in developing specific strategies for mobility, cloud, and IT-as-a-service to help you unlock the potential of these emerging technologies.

System & Application Development Services

A modern, well presented, dynamic and mobility system, application, website and portal is now expected for most businesses and organizations. A comprehensive website and portal, should explain the products and services offered. It should also provide background and general contact information.

A website and portal can also allow online transaction, from simple enquiry requests, through change of detail processing (e.g. address changes) to advanced function such as supply change management and mobility. Improvements occur constantly. The development of those services has been made easier, but the marketing challenge has become greater as more organizations have recognized the importance of online and mobile marketing. Consequently, business and organization, whether large or small, need to monitor the performance of system, application, website and portal to ensure that the opportunities that become available are utilized and given the required attention. In summary, no business or organization, large or small, can ignore the importance of maintaining the online and mobility technology presence. By refining the process into 4 systematic phases, ASGB have reduced the production time-frame and minimized the development cost involved in creating advanced system, application, website and portal in online and mobility platform.

Big Data Analytics

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data, both structured and unstructured that inundates a business on a day to day basis. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters.

Big data analytics (BDA) can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. By correctly implement systems that deal with big data, organizations can gain incredible value from data that is already available.

BDA provides both features and functionalities :

  • Determine data pattern and behavior for business improvement
  • Business tools to analyze structured and unstructured data to cater business demand
  • To collect and identify the variety of data, and analyze the data to be a valuable for the business and optimize the resources performance
  • Make unstructured & structured data presentable and valuable to organizations

Data Center Solution

A Data Center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.

With a team of experienced subject matter experts and Data Center designers supported by certified implementers, we are poised to offer a full range of services including consultancy, Infra design and implementation, technical support and maintenance, customer training and extended warranty service in this field. We have built end to end Data Centers (DC) and Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) for various returning customers including Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia, JUPEM, MAMPU and other clients.

Our certified Data Center Architects and Design team, are experienced in all aspects of DC and DRC solution delivery including building, infrastructure, network, servers, virtualization, monitoring and reporting.Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is a facility an organization can use to recover and restore its technology infrastructure and operations when its primary Data Center becomes unavailable.