AIM Solutions Group Berhad (ASGB) was incorporated to provide the unprecedented solutions that can disrupt the conventional way of doing day-to-day business. Since our inception, we have expanded our capabilities and solutions, allowing for digitalization of manual processes, enabling increased accuracy, convenience and security. We are strategically positioned to provide innovative solutions on these Four (4) focused pillars which are Financial Technologies (FinTech), Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) & Systems Engineering.

AIM Solutions Group Berhad provides a full range of services, ranging from system design & consultancy, software & application development, project management & implementation, control & monitoring and support & maintenance for all of our solutions. We have developed our expertise and demonstrate it through our innovative approach to offer the right integrated solutions that helps our customers to meet their business and operational goals. We also provide complete on-site management, technical & installation services for our customers.